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As Seen in Philadelphia Magazine

Best Of Philly, Best Shoes2022

Stand Out In Hand-Painted Leather Goods

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Don't Settle For Mass Produced

Discover the Luxury of Personalization

How many people are carrying the same exact bag as you? How many times have you searched for the perfect handbag only to settle for something that does not really express who you really are? Basic mass-produced leather goods may be painting you into the background of your own life.

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Truly One-Of-A-Kind

Hand-Painted Investment Pieces

1. Get compliments everywhere you go. Loyalty Leather pieces are striking and attract just the right ammount of attention.

2. Save time picking out your outfits. Loyalty Leather bags, shoes, and accessories make even the simplest outfits look high end.

3. No need to buy new every season. Loyalty Leather pieces are heirloom quality works of art. Made to last and designed to transcend trends.

4. Never blend into the background again. Loyalty Leather pieces are guaranteed to be unique. No one will have a piece quite like yours.

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Over Fashion Conformity? Us Too.

You aren’t basic, but mass-produced fashion is.

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Guaranteed To Be Unique

We know how it feels to blend in when all you want to do is stand out.

That's why we created Loyalty Leather. We've been helping people stand out and express themselves with unique hand-painted leather goods since 2018.

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Surpassed my expectations!

I just received my bag and it is unbelievably beautiful. I don’t know what I had in mind, but it surpassed my expectations! It is more luxurious than any designer bag I ever owned (or wanted to own). I am so happy I happened to see this bag in Philly Mag!

Amy D. Loyalty Leather Client

Amazing quality and color!

I knew this was going to be an amazing product but the quality exceeded expectations and the color is so unique and beautiful. I get compliments all the time :)

Jasmine B. Loyalty Leather Client


Best Of Philly, Best Shoes 2022

"Artistic, poetic and of the moment."

“Strokes of genius."

Hand-painted by award winning fine artists.

Reinventing Luxury

Hand-Painted By Award Winning Artists

No one wants to look basic. Unfortunately, mass produced fashion makes blending into the background almost impossible to avoid. At Loyalty Leather we make standing out effortless with truly unique luxury leather goods. Our leather pieces are individually hand-painted by artists making every bag and pair of shoes a work of art. We’ll make you a handbag no one else has so you can get compliments everywhere you go.

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The Jordan clutch is a true work of art. Each time I take it out, compliments come my way. I know I will be using it for years to come.

Coleen L. Loyalty Leather Client

Guaranteed To Be Unique

We'll Make You A Handbag No One Else Has

Our innovative process allows us to paint each and every luxury leather piece like a unique work of art. That means no one will have a handbag or pair of shoes quite like yours.

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Here's How It Works

1. Order Your Favorite Loyalty Leather Pieces

Select from our collection of hand-painted creations or contact us for a custom order.

2. We'll Hand-Paint Them Just For You

Our award wining artists will paint your new leather goods like unique works of art.

3. Get Compliments Everywhere You Go

Wear your Loyalty Leather pieces with confidence knowing yours is one-of-a-kind.

Compliments Everywhere You Go

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The Secret To Standing Out

One-Of-A-Kind Replaces One Size Fits All

At Loyalty Leather, we know you are the kind of person who wants to command attention. In order to own the room, you need to stand out. The problem is, everyone has the same unoriginal bags, shoes and accessories, which make you feel basic when you wear them. We believe the items you wear every day should be as unique and vibrant as you are. We understand how hard it can be to stand out when all of your options look exactly the same. That's why we created a manufacturing process that allows us to make every Loyalty Leather bag, shoe and accessory a unique work of art. We do this by hand-painting every single piece to order. Here's how it works; you choose the silhouette you would like us to paint for you. Our world class artists paint your item like a masterpiece in your chosen color and style, and then you get to wear your one-of-a-kind leather accessories with confidence, knowing you have an original like none other in the world. So, order your custom painted Loyalty Leather piece today, so you can stop getting lost in the crowd of mass produced fashion and start getting compliments everywhere you go.

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Truly One-Of-A-Kind

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