Express yourself

Premium Quality, Hand-Painted Leather Goods
Show the world who you are

With one-of-a-kind leather bags, shoes & accessories. All handcrafted to fit your unique personal style.

New Arrivals

Standout styles fresh from the studio.

Made in the USA

Customer love

I get more compliments on this bag than anything I've ever purchased. It is absolutely stunning.


I knew the first time I saw these bags that I needed one & I waited... waited for the one that made my heart skip!


A little about us

Specializing in hand-painted leather goods, we believe that everyday objects can be more than just useful & think art belongs in our daily lives.


Why choose Loyalty Leather

Pure Materials

Handcrafted with full grain leather, waxed canvas & solid brass. Always made from the finest materials & no fillers added ever!

Hand Painted

Always experimenting, we love sharing our creative process. We aim to inspire confidence & creativity with each design!

Made To Last

With proper care your leather items will get better with age. We provide a 1 year warranty & leather care guidance for life.

Made for you

Designed to elevate any outfit. Handcrafted to last. Painted to perfection.



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