"Obsessed" Loyalty Leather x Philadelphia Magazine

Strokes Of Genius. Cheryl Ellzysmith, an award-winning oil painter trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and her wife, Kyra Ellzysmith, a product designer who has worked with brands like IKEA, realized they had something special when Cheryl decided to "hang up a bag and paint it like a piece of modern art" in their South Philly home studio. These hand-painted brushstroke bags, like the office-friendly City Tote, quickly became top sellers, and the couple's hobby took off. "You can't duplicate them, and I don't want to," Cheryl says. Sustainability is key, "we prefer vegetable-tanned leather, the cleanest process for making leather," Cheryl explains. "It takes longer, but the leather ages like fine wine." The idea is that clients will pass the bags down through generations-- and who wouldn't want their grandmother's wearable work of art? The Scarlett City Tote, at LoyaltyLeather.com



Published as “Obsessed” in the January 2022 issue of Philadelphia Magazine and "Handbags To Covet" on PhillyMag.com. Edited by Erica Moody and photography by Emma Ressel.



Catch Loyalty Leather on page 21 of Philadelphia Magazine's January 2022 issue. Or see the digital feature of the article here: 4 Buzzy Philadelphia Style Arrivals to Be on Top of Right Now, Handbags to covet.



Article republished with permission from Philadelphia Magazine PhillyMag.com.