Get to know
Loyalty Leather

An interview with our founders

Most leather accessories are designed for the crowd, with silhouettes & patterns intended for the masses. Loyalty Leather is hand painted for the individual, with colors & brush strokes that evolve with you over time. We believe in the power of self-expression & that the essentials you carry embody who you are.

We Are Artists

We’re endlessly innovating with paints and materials in our studio in Philadelphia, because we’re obsessed with our craft, for the singular purpose of helping you communicate who you are.

Patina is a Point of Pride

Leather bag brands don’t talk about how their bags will age, because they want to sell you one every year. Not us. We source the finest materials, so that when it’s time to pass your beautifully patinated bag on to the next generation, they carry your rich history with them.

For The Planet

Leather hide is a byproduct of the meat & dairy industry. With the rise of cheap, synthetic alternatives, much of these hides are ending up in the garbage. We’re a company that wants our planet to thrive long after we’re gone; we’re working with our suppliers to source these valuable natural products so that nothing goes to waste.

Our Founders

Cheryl and Kyra Ellzysmith are the wife & wife founders of Loyalty Leather. With their respective degrees in fine arts & industrial design, they are obsessed with creating leather essentials that are both expressive and timeless.

Outside of the studio, they can be found hunting down the best scotch whisky bottles, supporting their favorite local restaurants, & walking around South Philly with their proud Great Dane, Beau.