Product Details

  • Say goodbye to bags that fall apart. This clutch is made to last! Made from the highest quality materials & techniques. High stitch density adds strength & security, double sided handles for durability & style, plus hand finished edges for a soft touch, elegance, & longevity.
  • Be authentic with endless color & style options. Every single clutch is unique, making the one you take home a one-of-a-kind piece.They are customizable & can be dyed in any color or pattern you can dream up. Hand painted to be special just for you.
  • Enjoy bright & intense color that lasts. Our clutches are painted using only the highest quality light fast dyes available.
  • Nothing is made to be wasted. Our unique ‘dyed to order’ process means we only make bags that people actually want, resulting in less waste & more responsible buying power.
  • Protection from water spills, leaking pens, & hand sanitizer mishaps are built in. The beeswaxed cotton canvas liner is a durable & water resistant material that protects your bag from the inside out. It also patinas to a beautiful & unique finish as you use it.
  • Respect the life of the animal. This clutch is made from sustainably sourced leather left over from the meat industry. Choosing to use a leather clutch over a synthetic one is a form of recycling. Purchasing this clutch helps keep more leather hide from ending up in a landfill.
  • Lower your carbon footprint. Solid brass hardware is one of the most environmentally friendly metals in the world. The recycling process for brass is less energy intensive & has a lower carbon footprint than other metals. It never rusts or corrodes & has no plating that can rub off. Brass also patinas beautifully, becoming more beautiful over time.
  • Biodegradable & recyclable.When it does come time to retire your bag you can rest easy knowing that it is constructed entirely of biodegradable & recyclable materials.