Color Lab

A note on color

Color is an important component to our creative process. We measure & mix our dyes with precision in an effort to keep our color pallets as consistent as possible. Even the most skillfully mixed dye formulas can vary slightly. Final finish depends on the dye lot & the base color of each individual hide. We refer to product styles that share the same color dye as being in the same color family. Listed below are descriptions of our color families & current dye lots.


Our signature color crimson has deep & rich ruby tones with a slight mahogany finish. Not bright red & not quite brown this color is reminiscent of classic oxblood with a dark & moody undertone.

Current Dye Lot: CR211

Dye lot CR211 (February 2021). Dye lot CR204 (October 2020). Dye lot CR203 (September 2020).


Also known as saddle tan, cognac is a rich butterscotch color. When diluted cognac is light and golden like honey. When layered it darkens into a warm light brown.

Current Dye Lot: CO211

Dye lot CO211 (February 2021). Dye lot CO206 (December 2020). Dye lot CO205 (October 2020).


A clear & true blue. Cobalt is bright & powerful with warm undertones. While it is lighter & more vibrant than royal blue, it can darken from ultramarine to a bright navy when layered.

Current Dye Lot: CO211

Dye lot CO211 (January 2021). Dye lot CO203 (September 2020). Dye lot C202 (July 2020).


A bold yet natural color, fawn is a warm very golden light brown. When diluted it is almost yellow orange in color. In it's deeper form, fawn can appear brownish with cognac qualities.

Current Dye Lot: FA211

Dye lot FA211 (February 2021). Dye lot FA202(August 2020). Dye lot FA201 (April 2020).