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How Pre-Orders Work

Crowd Fund The Next Loyalty Leather Release Through Pre-Orders.

Fund The Silhouette

The Loyalty Leather Pre-Order System

Loyalty Leather's Pre-Order system, 'Fund The Silhouette' or FTS, allows us to offer an ever expanding collection of bag, shoe, and accessory silhouettes to be hand-painted by our award wining artists.

We release new silhouettes as Pre-Orders before releasing them into the permanent collection. This provides our clients the opportunity to be a part of the Loyalty Leather creative process by deciding which designs make it into the permanent collection, and which do not.

Pre-Orders are crowd funded and are offered with deeply discounted introductory pricing that is only available during the Pre-Order.

Our Pre-Order clients get cutting edge designs first and for a fraction of the final retail price. If you would like to know about upcoming Pre-Orders before anyone else, we recommend joining our email list.

How Pre-Orders Work

All Pre-Orders are offered for a total of 30 days and require that a minimum quota of orders are collected during that time in order for the design to be launched into production. Once the minimum quota is met we start manufacturing the new silhouettes. If the minimum quota is not reached, the item won't go into production and all deposits will be refunded.

When we release a new silhouette for Pre-Order, we offer that silhouette in three to five color ways for you to choose from. All color ways contribute to the overall goal of meeting the minimum quota for the proposed silhouette. Once the minimum quota is met, designs will be handcrafted and hand-painted in your chosen color way. 

Pre-Orders take between nine and twelve weeks to handcraft and paint. We provide an estimated ship date for each individual Pre-Order.

Once production of the new silhouette is complete, we begin painting each item to your specifications. Pre-Orders are painted in order of incoming sales and each completed Pre-Order ships as soon as it is ready.

We will keep you updated on production timelines via email and notify you as soon as your Pre-Order is ready to ship.

The very first release of any pre-order begins with a style sketch that we share with our email subscribers.

Returns & Exchanges

Since Fund The Silhouette Pre-Orders are offered at discounted introductory prices, made exclusively for you, and they are not yet stocked as a part of Loyalty Leather's permanent collection, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on Pre-Orders.

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'Fund The Silhouette' Pre-Order FAQ

What is a silhouette?

All of our leather goods are made using un-dyed full grain leather so that they can be painted to order like a work of art. We refer to the style of any bag, shoe or accessory as a silhouette, and think of each silhouette as a blank canvas for applying artwork. For example, our City Tote is a type of bag silhouette, while our Men's Wholecut Oxford is a type of shoe silhouette.

Can I make a request for a future Pre-Order?

Absolutely! We are always happy to take requests for future Pre-Orders. Send us your suggestion through our Pre-Order Suggestion Form, and we'll do our best to create something close to your expectations.

I am interested in a closed Pre-Order?

Once a Pre-Order has been funded the style is placed into our permenant colloction at the full retail price. If you are intersted in a Pre-Order that did not get funded please let us know your interest via our Pre-Order Suggestion Form.

Why can't Pre-Orders be returned or exchanged?

Our Pre-Orders are made exclusively for you and are offered at discounts only available during the Pre-Order period. This means we do not add additional mark-ups that would be necessary to allow for product refunds or exchanges.

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